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Wed, 28/05/2008 - 23:55 -- jpsnelson

Averages for Season 09/010

Division 3

Doubles averages

1Ash F221568.18
2Broadmoor B221568.18
3Tennis F221463.64
4Bourne B221359.09
5Farham Co A221254.55
6Frimley C221254.55
7Tennis G211047.62
8Tennis H221045.45
9Frimley D22940.91
10Cody C22836.36
11Fleet CC B22731.82
12Ash G21628.57

Singles averages

Qualification currently set at 6 or more games played

1A BarnardBourne B292793.10
2P ZhangBroadmoor B413790.24
3M ArmstrongBroadmoor B645687.50
4L KnightAsh F302686.67
5P ButlerBourne B564783.93
6C BaggottTennis H634774.60
7D Ming LauFarnham Co A594372.88
8D BentallAsh F453168.89
9I BrownTennis F533667.92
10D DeaconBroadmoor B594067.80
11D ThomasCody C573866.67
12A ConnellyFrimley C392666.67
13D WeirFarnham Co A151066.67
14J BallFrimley C483164.58
15B HolmdenFrimley D392564.10
16B BrownTennis G573663.16
17T HarrisonFrimley C483062.50
18R RoopunFrimley D332060.61
19G MarshallTennis F321959.38
20G NicholsonFrimley D543259.26
21E TilleyTennis H663959.09
22B BaxterFrimley C271555.56
23R PikeTennis G9555.56
24N MillwardBroadmoor B231252.17
25D RobertsonFarnham Co A653350.77
26P JarvisTennis H603050.00
27M HolbrookFleet CC B562850.00
28D PhillipsAsh G6350.00
29P LarkingBourne B412048.78
30D ReadTennis F512447.06
31T FrenchAsh F542546.30
32R WaleTennis F482245.83
33J HaymanBourne B361644.44
34M ThorntonFrimley C9444.44
35C SavilleFarnham Co A9444.44
36R EasonTennis G572543.86
37M ThorntonFrimley D421842.86
38J FoxFleet CC B441840.91
39P StockBourne B18738.89
40B McPhersonCody C451635.56
41N EspleyBourne B12433.33
42C PearceTennis H6233.33
43D HewittCody C571729.82
44R MearsAsh G531324.53
45B AbbottAsh G621524.19
46T KavanaghAsh G591423.73
47S MageeAsh F631320.63
48K JohnsonTennis G44818.18
49T McDowellCody C39717.95
50A BlundenFleet CC B45817.78
51C SeckerFarnham Co A47510.64
52Y QiuFrimley C21209.52
53M MasseyFleet CC B44204.55
54S SahgauchiFrimley D30103.33