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Wed, 28/05/2008 - 23:55 -- jpsnelson

Averages for Season 09/010

Division 2

Doubles averages

1Cody A201575.00
2Tennis C191368.42
3Tennis B181266.67
4Ash D191157.89
5Fleet CC A201155.00
6Cody B17952.94
7Bourne A19947.37
8Tennis D19842.11
9Frimley B19736.84
10Tennis E20735.00
11Ash E18211.11

Singles averages

Qualification currently set at 6 or more games played

1P PradyTennis C2222100.00
2K LawjiAsh E99100.00
3A CleggBourne A66100.00
4K ChanCody A121191.67
5D StenningCody A554989.09
6D SeagerFrimley B151386.67
7K BownTennis C141285.71
8K ChanCody B363083.33
9G DicksonTennis C524076.92
10P GoodFrimley B211676.19
11F WinnardAsh D443375.00
12K WinterTennis C8675.00
13J HarveyCody B302273.33
14B HartlesTennis C141071.43
15P AnthonyCody A553869.09
16N OhFrimley B322268.75
17D HewittTennis B392666.67
18D JarvisTennis B362466.67
19N GouldCody A9666.67
20J HarveyCody A11763.64
21S PathakFleet CC A452862.22
22J DaviesTennis B422661.90
23N PrintTennis D533158.49
24G StreetsTennis D12758.33
25S MiddlemissTennis B392256.41
26P ShakespeareTennis D442454.55
27N TustinAsh D442454.55
28D JoyceFleet CC A593254.24
29P CreamerBourne A482654.17
30R BrittainFrimley B442352.27
31P MissionCody A271451.85
32G BarsonTennis C402050.00
33L DackFleet CC A12650.00
34B SmithersBourne A472144.68
35D MelvilleAsh E9444.44
36D McGranaghanTennis C9444.44
37H GreigFrimley B291241.38
38S SimpsonAsh E301240.00
39M GuntonBourne A451737.78
40G McCulleyTennis E552036.36
41J DochertyCody B331236.36
42P KillickTennis E582136.21
43C CarterFleet CC A391333.33
44C LinesFrimley B24833.33
45P LarkingBourne A9333.33
46T DoddTennis E6233.33
47C MattinAsh E391025.64
48B MurrellAsh D421023.81
49A MurdockTennis D561323.21
50R BartlettFleet CC A9222.22
51R BenfieldAsh D32721.88
52S StoneCody B39820.51
53R McCulleyTennis E44920.45
54J GuessAsh E39205.13
55S MageeAsh E15000.00
56J HutchinsonAsh E6000.00
57E TilleyTennis E6000.00
58M StrodeCody B6000.00
59N ShortCody B6000.00
60J FoxFleet CC A6000.00