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Wed, 28/05/2008 - 23:55 -- jpsnelson

Averages for Season 09/010

Division 1

Doubles averages

1Bentley A201680.00
2Central A201470.00
3Central B201365.00
4Broadmoor A201365.00
5Ash B201155.00
6Ash A20945.00
7Central C19842.11
8Ash C19736.84
9Shackleford 20735.00
10Frimley A20630.00
11Tennis A20525.00

Singles averages

Qualification currently set at 6 or more games played

1W MahaffyFrimley A66100.00
2G WattsCentral B514894.12
3P SnelsonCentral A504794.00
4N SwiftCentral A403690.00
5M HandcockBroadmoor A423788.10
6C BanhamBroadmoor A574375.44
7S FrenchBentley A574273.68
8R SaxbyAsh A181372.22
9K FalconerTennis A241770.83
10N MillsAsh B483266.67
11D HalfpennyAsh B453066.67
12R PrettyCentral C563766.07
13D PhelpsCentral C533566.04
14P MillardCentral B452964.44
15G DiplockFrimley A14964.29
16J TaylorTennis A422661.90
17C AspreyFrimley A442761.36
18B MortenBroadmoor A553360.00
19D PerrettShackleford 553360.00
20T AmiesAsh A171058.82
21R SeymourShackleford 12758.33
22M LangBentley A573357.89
23P MyersCentral B301756.67
24C HazlehurstAsh A291551.72
25M TownshendAsh A512549.02
26C KnightBentley A271348.15
27D GilhamAsh B271244.44
28N CareAsh C271244.44
29M KwanCentral A231043.48
30J MillwardBroadmoor A17741.18
31T SpraggsCentral B391641.03
32P MasseyCentral A552240.00
33A GessAsh C512039.22
34A CheungShackleford 8337.50
35T NgyouFrimley A401435.00
36R HawesFrimley A401435.00
37S AyersAsh A481633.33
38D JarvisTennis A6233.33
39A GessAsh B6233.33
40S TurnerShackleford 551629.09
41A DaviesFrimley A30826.67
42S PearceShackleford 9222.22
43A CunninghamBentley A9222.22
44M LeveyAsh C33721.21
45S BurtonAsh B39820.51
46S NewboldTennis A541120.37
47M GilbeyAsh C571119.30
48G EarleTennis A39717.95
49G AplinShackleford 26415.38
50P HalesBentley A15213.33
51J RiceCentral C56508.93
52J DaviesTennis A6000.00