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Wed, 28/05/2008 - 23:55 -- jpsnelson

Averages for Season 08/09

Division 4

Doubles averages

1Bentley B201575.00
2Ash H201470.00
3Fleet CC B201470.00
4Farnham Co191368.42
5Frimley E201365.00
6Tennis H201155.00
7Cody E20945.00
8Ash J20735.00
9Kingfisher C20630.00
10Ash K19421.05
11Fleet CC C20315.00

Singles averages

Qualification currently set at 6 or more games played

1P JarvisTennis H312993.55
2D BrownAsh K181688.89
3M HolbrookFleet CC B575087.72
4J FoxFleet CC B151386.67
5J BallFrimley E322784.38
6T KavanaghAsh H574884.21
7D Ming-LauFarnham Co534483.02
8R MearsAsh H514282.35
9J PageTennis H453577.78
10A BlundenFleet CC B604676.67
11L VaillBentley B604371.67
12D RobertsonFarnham Co503264.00
13S BridleFrimley E352262.86
14B AbbottAsh H483062.50
15C SavilleKingfisher C452760.00
16J WarburtonCody E452657.78
17N ShortCody E452657.78
18G DoreyTennis H402357.50
19K BissellFleet CC C563257.14
20J AtkinsonKingfisher C11654.55
21G BrownCody E392153.85
22M MasseyFleet CC B452453.33
23P BrisBentley B572950.88
24P StearnesTennis H201050.00
25C BaggottTennis H8450.00
26D MackinnonFrimley E8450.00
27P PhelanFrimley E412048.78
28B SimpsonAsh H211047.62
29R WhichelowFrimley E17847.06
30J TaylorAsh J562544.64
31L WilliamsCody E451942.22
32K BennettTennis H241041.67
33J DavisAsh K572340.35
34A BrisBentley B602440.00
35R ChittendenFleet CC C592338.98
36J SavilleKingfisher C361336.11
37C SeckerFarnham Co381334.21
38P GilbeyAsh K21523.81
39J AllanFleet CC C531222.64
40R BrookFleet CC C9222.22
41S ChapmanFrimley E41921.95
42G RanolaKingfisher C38821.05
43N MilnerAsh K15320.00
44G CarderAsh J59915.25
45L CurtisAsh J11109.09
46B GreenKingfisher C47306.38
47J StubbingsFarnham Co21104.76
48R CarderAsh J39102.56
49S GilbeyAsh K39000.00
50D GilbeyAsh K9000.00
51C McDougall-BellAsh J9000.00