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Wed, 28/05/2008 - 23:55 -- jpsnelson

Averages for Season 07/08

Division 4

Doubles averages


Singles averages

Qualification currently set at 6 or more games played

1D PhillipsAsh K535196.23
2J AspreyCody D393589.74
3P JarvisTennis H383386.84
4D HewittCody E211780.95
5M HolbrookFleet CC B514180.39
6P RussellCody D423378.57
7P ShakespeareTennis H151173.33
8J PageTennis H382771.05
9L VailBentley B453168.89
10M StrodeCody E362466.67
11G DoreyTennis H181266.67
12C SavilleKingfisher C422764.29
13G BrownCody D392461.54
14A BlundenFleet CC B452657.78
15J BallFrimley D261557.69
16K BissellFleet CC C543157.41
17Y QiuFrimley D412356.10
18R ChittendenFleet CC C543055.56
19J WarburtonCody E482654.17
20N ShortCody E542953.70
21R DaviesAsh K422252.38
22T VassFrimley D211152.38
23L WilliamsCody D301446.67
24B SimpsonAsh K20945.00
25S BridleFrimley E542444.44
26P BrisBentley B542342.59
27P StearnesTennis H331339.39
28P PhelanFrimley D532037.74
29B WarnerAsh K441636.36
30M MasseyFleet CC B511733.33
31J SavilleKingfisher C36925.00
32J DavisFrimley E15320.00
33A BrisBentley B541018.52
34S ChapmanFrimley E51611.76
35G RanolaKingfisher C30206.67
36J AllanFleet CC C54305.56
37B GreenKingfisher C39102.56
38R Harris-LaneFrimley E18000.00