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Wed, 28/05/2008 - 23:55 -- jpsnelson

Averages for Season 07/08

Division 3

Doubles averages


Singles averages

Qualification currently set at 6 or more games played

1I BrownTennis F443886.36
2R RoopunFrimley C362877.78
3A BarnardBourne B564275.00
4G CourtneyTennis G362775.00
5G GreenKingfisher B544074.07
6M ArmstrongBroadmoor 574273.68
7R FairheadTennis G181372.22
8R WaleTennis F503672.00
9D ThomasCody C533871.70
10P ZhangBroadmoor 423071.43
11A ConnellyFrimley B453271.11
12R PikeKingfisher A261869.23
13R MillsTennis F352468.57
14B MurrellAsh G604168.33
15P ButlerBourne B442965.91
16D DeaconBroadmoor 483062.50
17B BrownTennis G241562.50
18J BruntonBroadmoor 211361.90
19G MarshallKingfisher A492959.18
20K ThompsonKingfisher B573154.39
21B LunnAsh H603253.33
22A ConquestFrimley B321753.13
23P LarkingBourne B211152.38
24D ReadKingfisher A502652.00
25J HaymanBourne B412048.78
26G NicholsonFrimley C482245.83
27B BaxterFrimley B502142.00
28D SmithKingfisher A492040.82
29D BrownAsh H542138.89
30B HolmdenFrimley C331236.36
31T McDowellCody C471634.04
32K JohnsonTennis G571933.33
33B McPhersonCody C531732.08
34T HarrisonFrimley B441329.55
35P GlassFrimley C33824.24
36R MearsAsh G541324.07
37M ThorntonFrimley C21523.81
38D MilsteadAsh H601220.00
39T KavanaghAsh G541018.52
40J WoodTennis F18316.67
41S MageeKingfisher B57407.02