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Wed, 28/05/2008 - 23:55 -- jpsnelson

Averages for Season 013/014

Division 4

Doubles averages

1F Tennis H201680.00
2Cody F201680.00
3Ash H191473.68
4Fleet CC C201470.00
5Fleet CC D201260.00
6Ash J191157.89
7Ash L20735.00
8Cody E20525.00
9Ash K20525.00
10Frimley F20525.00
11C Ridge B20420.00

Singles averages

Qualification currently set at 7 or more games played

1D PhillipsAsh L545398.15
2W HutchinsonAsh K302893.33
3A BlundenFleet CC D565191.07
4R MearsAsh H534584.91
5R GuthrieFleet CC D121083.33
6N ShortCody E373081.08
7M EvansTennis H352880.00
8K PhillipsCody F453577.78
9J PageTennis H352777.14
10N RobertsCody F402870.00
11K JohnsonTennis H392769.23
12J DavisTennis H312167.74
13A RichardsCody F523567.31
14J HutchinsonAsh J9666.67
15R BrookFleet CC C603863.33
16D MilsteadAsh J563562.50
17B LunnAsh J563562.50
18S BridleFrimley F422661.90
19C MooreC Ridge B493061.22
20K BissellFrimley F543259.26
21G ColeFleet CC D271659.26
22B PowneyAsh H512956.86
23A HookFleet CC D321856.25
24J HutchinsonAsh K532547.17
25J MaxwellFrimley F15746.67
26R ChittendenFleet CC C602745.00
27G DoreyTennis H341441.18
28J AllanFleet CC C602338.33
29P RussellCody E401537.50
30J RiceAsh H8337.50
31J WarburtonCody E461736.96
32V OsborneAsh H331133.33
33J AtkinsonC Ridge B15533.33
34S ChapmanFrimley F601931.67
35R FletcherAsh L601830.00
36M MasseyFleet CC D30930.00
37V KingCody F22627.27
38G MaceyAsh J11327.27
39P GilbeyAsh K35822.86
40P Russell jnrCody E24416.67
41N WillshireCody F12216.67
42G RanolaC Ridge B43511.63
43R DaviesAsh L57610.53
44B CarrAsh J24208.33
45B GreenC Ridge B55407.27
46S GilbeyAsh K56101.79
47M StrodeCody E24000.00