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Wed, 28/05/2008 - 23:55 -- jpsnelson

Averages for Season 013/014

Division 3

Doubles averages

1Broadmoor B2222100.00
2F Tennis E221777.27
3F Tennis G221359.09
4F Tennis F221359.09
5Broadmoor C221359.09
6Ash E221254.55
7Ash G22940.91
8Ash F22940.91
9Frimley D22731.82
10C Ridge A22731.82
11Frimley E22627.27
12Cody D22418.18

Singles averages

Qualification currently set at 7 or more games played

1R HawesBroadmoor B363494.44
2R GladstoneTennis G393589.74
3J WyncollAsh G363288.89
4P ZhangBroadmoor C625588.71
5T GabrielBroadmoor C504488.00
6S SimpsonAsh F605083.33
7M ArmstrongBroadmoor B665481.82
8M RumboldBroadmoor B453680.00
9G CarderTennis F383078.95
10H GreigFrimley E272177.78
11K JonesBroadmoor C453271.11
12B BrownTennis G473370.21
13S PinnAsh G181161.11
14P KillickTennis E593661.02
15A ConnellyFrimley D503060.00
16D BentallAsh E452760.00
17L KnightAsh E563358.93
18T FrenchAsh E593457.63
19G MarshallTennis E653756.92
20R McCulleyTennis G9555.56
21V CorreiraFrimley E623150.00
22K ThompsonC Ridge A603050.00
23A MurdockTennis E633149.21
24G GreenC Ridge A632946.03
25D DeaconBroadmoor B482245.83
26I BrownTennis F622845.16
27F LeiCody D472144.68
28R PikeTennis F9444.44
29P PhelanFrimley D391641.03
30V LaiBroadmoor C321340.63
31Q LeFrimley E532139.62
32P JarvisTennis G471838.30
33J BartlettAsh G632438.10
34B FennerCody D532037.74
35R WaleTennis F562137.50
36T HarrisonFrimley D501836.00
37M ThorntonAsh E26934.62
38B GreenbergFrimley E351234.29
39D HewittCody D541833.33
40B HolmdenFrimley D26830.77
41R GibbsC Ridge A571729.82
42D BrownAsh G391128.21
43R EasonTennis G531426.42
44J AspreyCody D26623.08
45S PrettyAsh F601321.67
46J GuessAsh F45613.33
47N ShortCody D9111.11
48B BaxterFrimley D21209.52
49R RaiAsh G27207.41
50R WhichelowFrimley E15106.67
51B SimpsonAsh F24000.00
52C MooreC Ridge A9000.00