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Wed, 28/05/2008 - 23:55 -- jpsnelson

Averages for Season 013/014

Division 2

Doubles averages

1F Tennis C201680.00
2Cody B201470.00
3Bentley B201365.00
4Fleet CC B201365.00
5Fleet CC A201155.00
6F Tennis D20945.00
7Ash C20840.00
8Ash D20840.00
9Frimley C20735.00
10Cody A20735.00
11Cody C20420.00

Singles averages

Qualification currently set at 7 or more games played

1A ApplebyFleet CC B544990.74
2D CeredaCody B484185.42
3A GessFleet CC A413585.37
4N PrintTennis C483981.25
5K ChanCody B584577.59
6P MissionCody A534177.36
7M LeveyAsh C12975.00
8B FeredayAsh D473472.34
9H FoleyAsh D533769.81
10K RussellCody A553665.45
11D JarvisTennis D493265.31
12C BaggottTennis C573764.91
13P FarrantBentley B583763.79
14P RumbleFleet CC B362261.11
15N TustinAsh C503060.00
16R GladstoneTennis C15960.00
17P AnthonyCody A533158.49
18D StenningCody B14857.14
19F WinnardAsh C482756.25
20J WyncollAsh D9555.56
21D JoyceFleet CC A553054.55
22C DuryAsh D241354.17
23E NorthBentley B492653.06
24P GoodFrimley C211152.38
25D HewittTennis D502550.00
26N LynchAsh D411946.34
27J FoxFleet CC B482245.83
28D SibbickFrimley C331545.45
29J HarveyCody C542240.74
30C CarterFleet CC B361438.89
31L DackFleet CC A341338.24
32G McCulleyTennis C572035.09
33D SibbickFrimley B12433.33
34G CarderTennis D321031.25
35P GlassFrimley C381128.95
36J DochertyCody C421023.81
37J EadeFrimley C34823.53
38D HewittCody C9222.22
39B MurrellAsh C501122.00
40D ThomasCody C33721.21
41G NicholsonFrimley C40717.50
42J UphamFleet CC A30516.67
43A MurdockTennis D9111.11
44G TravissBentley B49510.20
45A StenningCody B35205.71
46S StoneCody C33103.03