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Wed, 28/05/2008 - 23:55 -- jpsnelson

Averages for Season 012/013

Division 3

Doubles averages

1Tennis F221777.27
2C Ridge A211676.19
3Ash D221568.18
4Frimley E221463.64
5Ash E211257.14
6Frimley C221254.55
7Fleet CC B221254.55
8Tennis G221150.00
9Ash F21733.33
10Frimley D21628.57
11Ash G22418.18
12Tennis H22418.18

Singles averages

Qualification currently set at 7 or more games played

1A ApplebyFleet CC B3939100.00
2N GreenC Ridge A242291.67
3M FoxFrimley E504590.00
4R MarlesFrimley E332987.88
5S SimpsonAsh E514384.31
6B FeredayAsh G665583.33
7P GlassFrimley C423480.95
8R RoopunFrimley C544379.63
9C CarterFleet CC B362877.78
10J BallFrimley D151173.33
11J FoxFleet CC B352571.43
12N LynchAsh D382668.42
13R BartlettFleet CC B241666.67
14G NicholsonFrimley C211466.67
15D PhillipsAsh D9666.67
16G CarderTennis F593966.10
17A ConnellyFrimley D412765.85
18C DuryAsh D412765.85
19B BrownTennis G412765.85
20T FrenchAsh D14964.29
21J EadeFrimley C573663.16
22R EasonTennis G281760.71
23K ThompsonC Ridge A573256.14
24R PikeTennis G181055.56
25D SmithersC Ridge A9555.56
26M ThorntonAsh D221254.55
27G GreenC Ridge A482654.17
28I BrownTennis F593152.54
29D BentallAsh D502652.00
30T HarrisonFrimley D532649.06
31R WaleTennis F653147.69
32K JohnsonTennis H532547.17
33D BrownAsh G632844.44
34R McCulleyTennis G361644.44
35P JarvisTennis G341544.12
36A BlundenFleet CC B331442.42
37B BaxterFrimley D291241.38
38J PageTennis H441840.91
39M EvansTennis H331339.39
40P PhelanFrimley D391538.46
41H FoleyAsh G662537.88
42J GuessAsh E271037.04
43S PrettyAsh E602135.00
44M ThorntonAsh E12433.33
45J PageTennis G9333.33
46A SutherlandFrimley E351131.43
47B HolmdenFrimley C15426.67
48R MearsAsh F511325.49
49R GibbsC Ridge A41921.95
50T KavanaghAsh F601220.00
51G DoreyTennis H36719.44
52B PowneyAsh F48918.75
53A FoxFrimley E29517.24
54J DavisTennis H30516.67
55M BromleyFrimley E41512.20
56M MasseyFleet CC B27311.11
57K JohnsonTennis G9111.11
58D MilsteadAsh F12108.33
59B SimpsonAsh E39000.00