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Wed, 28/05/2008 - 23:55 -- jpsnelson

Averages for Season 011/012

Division 3

Doubles averages

1Crawley Ridge A221568.18
2Tennis E221568.18
3Tennis F221463.64
4Ash D221359.09
5Ash E221254.55
6Cody C221150.00
7Cody D221045.45
8Frimley D221045.45
9Broadmoor C22836.36
10Fleet CC B22836.36
11Ash F22836.36
12Tennis G22836.36

Singles averages

Qualification currently set at 12 or more games played

1S SimpsonAsh E3939100.00
2P ZhangBroadmoor C393897.44
3J DochertyCody C625080.65
4D MackinnonFrimley D513976.47
5D ConnellyBroadmoor C211676.19
6D ThomasCody C332575.76
7P KillickTennis E634673.02
8G GreenCrawley Ridge A654670.77
9G MarshallTennis F533667.92
10T FrenchAsh D624267.74
11J BallFrimley D332266.67
12N GreenCrawley Ridge A302066.67
13J SlasinskiBroadmoor C12866.67
14M RumboldBroadmoor C12866.67
15R PikeTennis G12866.67
16J FoxFleet CC B634165.08
17C CarterFleet CC B392461.54
18G CarderAsh F664060.61
19L KnightAsh D503060.00
20A StenningCody C503060.00
21B BrownTennis G271659.26
22I BrownTennis F613659.02
23M EvansTennis G12758.33
24D BrownAsh F331957.58
25A ConnellyFrimley D392256.41
26K ThompsonCrawley Ridge A593355.93
27D BentallAsh D532954.72
28A MurdockTennis E613354.10
29M FrancisAsh E12650.00
30T HarrisonFrimley D361747.22
31R EasonTennis G653046.15
32R McCulleyTennis E632742.86
33J BruntonBroadmoor C241041.67
34D SmithersCrawley Ridge A12541.67
35S StoneCody C381539.47
36Dean HewittCody D331339.39
37R WaleTennis F642539.06
38J GuessAsh E541833.33
39Dave HewittCody D481633.33
40B BaxterFrimley D301033.33
41J AspreyCody D591932.20
42P JarvisTennis G32928.13
43A BlundenFleet CC B511427.45
44J TaylorAsh F15426.67
45S PrettyAsh E661624.24
46B LunnAsh F661319.70
47J LuxtonBroadmoor C21419.05
48R BartlettFleet CC B12216.67
49B McPhersonCody D30413.33
50R WestallBroadmoor C30413.33
51M MasseyFleet CC B27207.41
52M CoddBroadmoor C18000.00