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Wed, 28/05/2008 - 23:55 -- jpsnelson

Averages for Season 011/012

Division 2

Doubles averages

1Bentley B181583.33
2Cody B181372.22
3Fleet CC A181266.67
4Tennis D181055.56
5Cody A18950.00
6Tennis C18844.44
7Ash C17741.18
8Frimley C18633.33
9Frimley B17529.41
10Broadmoor B18422.22

Singles averages

Qualification currently set at 12 or more games played

1R StreetBentley B201995.00
2J FallonFrimley B201890.00
3I SaxbyAsh C121083.33
4S PathakFleet CC A504080.00
5D CeredaCody B403177.50
6P AnthonyCody A503876.00
7B WalkerBentley B231773.91
8K ChanCody A443272.73
9D JarvisTennis C362672.22
10A CunninghamBentley B513670.59
11N TustinAsh C443170.45
12N PrintTennis D443068.18
13E TilleyTennis D241666.67
14F WinnardAsh C362363.89
15J HarveyCody B432762.79
16D JoyceFleet CC A533362.26
17D StenningCody B372362.16
18J WheelerFrimley B362261.11
19D HewittTennis C332060.61
20E NorthBentley B462554.35
21P MissionCody A522853.85
22S MiddlemissTennis C301653.33
23H GreigFrimley B331751.52
24J DaviesTennis C482450.00
25C BaggottTennis D442250.00
26D SeagerFrimley B15746.67
27L DackFleet CC A331545.45
28R BrittainFrimley B331339.39
29G McCulleyTennis D411434.15
30B MurrellAsh C421433.33
31R RoopunFrimley C24833.33
32M ArmstrongBroadmoor B531528.30
33B FennerCody B36822.22
34N MillwardBroadmoor B44920.45
35L VaillBentley B15320.00
36G NicholsonFrimley C29310.34
37P GlassFrimley C41409.76
38D DeaconBroadmoor B51407.84
39M ThorntonFrimley C35102.86