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Wed, 28/05/2008 - 23:55 -- jpsnelson

Averages for Season 011/012

Division 1

Doubles averages

1Bentley A201995.00
2Central A201680.00
3Central B201365.00
4Broadmoor A201260.00
5Ash A201155.00
6Ash B201050.00
7Frimley A20945.00
9Tennis B20630.00
10Tennis A20525.00
11Old Woking20315.00

Singles averages

Qualification currently set at 12 or more games played

1A MudieBentley A605795.00
2G WattsAsh A413892.68
3I ColeBroadmoor A262492.31
4M HandcockBroadmoor A211990.48
5P SnelsonCentral A494489.80
6D PhelpsCentral B574578.95
7M TownshendAsh A413278.05
8C AspreyFrimley A292275.86
9S FrenchBentley A604575.00
10P MillardCentral A382873.68
11R PrettyCentral B604371.67
12M LangBentley A604270.00
13N CareAsh B231669.57
14C BanhamBroadmoor A563867.86
15G DiplockBroadmoor A151066.67
16C HazlehurstAsh A342161.76
17K BownTennis B342058.82
18N OhFrimley A412458.54
19D PerrettCentral A523057.69
20D HalfpennyAsh B361952.78
21M T-WChalloner14750.00
22J MillwardBroadmoor A351748.57
23M RozarioChalloner582848.28
24N MillsAsh B261246.15
25T SpraggsChalloner281242.86
26T NgyouFrimley A451942.22
27K WinterTennis B12541.67
28P MyersCentral A17741.18
29S CimiottiChalloner17741.18
30D GilhamAsh B391641.03
31S AyersTennis A331339.39
32B MatlockOld Woking582237.93
33R HawesFrimley A381436.84
34S TurnerTennis A421433.33
35B MortenBroadmoor A12433.33
36G EarleTennis A361130.56
37S CollinsChalloner15426.67
38E TilleyTennis B23626.09
39P ShakespeareTennis A30723.33
40G DicksonTennis B521223.08
41G AplinOld Woking491122.45
42D McLellanChalloner33721.21
43F RobertsOld Woking521121.15
44J RiceCentral B54814.81
45G BarsonTennis B38513.16
46S NewboldTennis A18211.11
47S BurtonAsh B41307.32