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Wed, 28/05/2008 - 23:55 -- jpsnelson

Averages for Season 010/011

Division 1

Doubles averages

1Bentley A1818100.00
2Central B181372.22
3Ash A181161.11
4Central A181161.11
5Broadmoor A181161.11
6Tennis A18738.89
7Frimley A18633.33
8Ash B18527.78
9Cody A18422.22
10Tennis B18422.22

Singles averages

Qualification currently set at 6 or more games played

1A MudieBentley A4949100.00
2P SnelsonCentral A413995.12
3G WattsAsh A282692.86
4M HandcockBroadmoor A292586.21
5M TownshendAsh A392974.36
6C BanhamBroadmoor A413073.17
7D PerrettCentral A443170.45
8D PhelpsCentral B533769.81
9B MortenBroadmoor A453168.89
10M LangBentley A443068.18
11C HazelhurstAsh A362466.67
12D StenningCody A6466.67
13S FrenchBentley A352365.71
14C KnightBentley A291965.52
15G DiplockBroadmoor A14964.29
16R PrettyCentral B503264.00
17K WinterTennis B271762.96
18C AspreyFrimley A432762.79
19K BownTennis B211361.90
20P MyersCentral A211361.90
21J TaylorTennis A382360.53
22J MillwardBroadmoor A271555.56
23D HalfpennyAsh B422354.76
24A DaviesFrimley A271348.15
25N CareAsh B211047.62
26D GilhamAsh B421945.24
27T AmiesAsh A18844.44
28N OhFrimley A291241.38
29S TurnerTennis A381436.84
30S AyersAsh A301136.67
31K ChanCody A531935.85
32R HawesFrimley A351234.29
33P AnthonyCody A531833.96
34G EarleTennis A391230.77
35T NgyouFrimley A18527.78
36P MasseyCentral A451226.67
37N MillsAsh B12325.00
38B HartlesTennis B8225.00
39P ShakespeareTennis A9222.22
40G DicksonTennis B511121.57
41G BarsonTennis B42716.67
42P KillickTennis A6116.67
43S NewboldTennis A26415.38
44S BurtonAsh B39410.26
45J RiceCentral B42307.14
46P MissionCody A41102.44
47P KillickTennis B6000.00
48J HarveyCody A6000.00