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Fri, 16/05/2008 - 00:41 -- jpsnelson
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League Tables for Season 09/010

Division 4

1Cody D201622155
2Frimley E201343130
3Bentley B201334130
4Tennis J201055112
5Ash H201127101
6Farnham Co B2075892
7Cody E20631190
8Ash J20551086
9Fleet CC C20501573
10Ash K20331466
11Cody F20421465

WeekHome TeamResultAway Team
1Ash K3 - 7Fleet CC C
 vacantno result - no resultCody D
 Ash J5 - 5Cody E
 Cody F1 - 9Frimley E
 Ash H6 - 4Tennis J
 Bentley B8 - 2Farnham Co B
2Farnham Co B4 - 6Ash H
 Tennis J10 - 0Cody F
 Frimley E6 - 4Ash J
 Cody Eno result - no resultvacant
 Cody D10 - 0Ash K
 Fleet CC C3 - 7Bentley B
3Ash K5 - 5Cody E
 vacantno result - no resultFrimley E
 Ash J3 - 7Tennis J
 Cody F4 - 6Farnham Co B
 Ash H2 - 8Bentley B
 Fleet CC C1 - 9Cody D
4no result - no result
5Ash H6 - 4Fleet CC C
 Bentley B8 - 2Cody F
 Farnham Co B5 - 5Ash J
 Tennis Jno result - no resultvacant
 Frimley E8 - 2Ash K
 Cody E3 - 7Cody D
6Ash K6 - 4Tennis J
 vacantno result - no resultFarnham Co B
 Ash J3 - 7Bentley B
 Cody F3 - 7Ash H
 Cody D5 - 5Frimley E
 Fleet CC C3 - 7Cody E
7Cody F4 - 6Fleet CC C
 Ash H7 - 3Ash J
 Bentley Bno result - no resultvacant
 Farnham Co B8 - 2Ash K
 Tennis J7 - 3Cody D
 Frimley E7 - 3Cody E
8Ash K5 - 5Bentley B
 vacantno result - no resultAsh H
 Ash J5 - 5Cody F
 Cody E3 - 7Tennis J
 Cody D9 - 1Farnham Co B
 Fleet CC C4 - 6Frimley E
9no result - no result
10Ash J4 - 6Fleet CC C
 Cody Fno result - no resultvacant
 Ash H8 - 2Ash K
 Bentley B2 - 8Cody D
 Farnham Co B3 - 7Cody E
 Tennis J0 - 10Frimley E
11Ash K4 - 6Cody F
 vacantno result - no resultAsh J
 Frimley E7 - 3Farnham Co B
 Cody E6 - 4Bentley B
 Cody D7 - 3Ash H
 Fleet CC C2 - 8Tennis J
12no result - no result
13vacantno result - no resultFleet CC C
 Ash J8 - 2Ash K
 Cody F0 - 10Cody D
 Ash H6 - 4Cody E
 Bentley B5 - 5Frimley E
 Farnham Co B5 - 5Tennis J
14Ash Kno result - no resultvacant
 Tennis J7 - 3Bentley B
 Frimley E5 - 5Ash H
 Cody E3 - 7Cody F
 Cody D5 - 5Ash J
 Fleet CC C6 - 4Farnham Co B
15no result - no result
16no result - no result
17no result - no result
18no result - no result
19Farnham Co B5 - 5Bentley B
 Tennis J5 - 5Ash H
 Frimley E8 - 2Cody F
 Cody E3 - 7Ash J
 Cody Dno result - no resultvacant
 Fleet CC C4 - 6Ash K
20Ash K2 - 8Cody D
 vacantno result - no resultCody E
 Ash J6 - 4Frimley E
 Cody F2 - 8Tennis J
 Ash H7 - 3Farnham Co B
 Bentley B8 - 2Fleet CC C
21Bentley B8 - 2Ash H
 Farnham Co B6 - 4Cody F
 Tennis J7 - 3Ash J
 Frimley Eno result - no resultvacant
 Cody E9 - 1Ash K
 Cody D10 - 0Fleet CC C
22no result - no result
23Ash K3 - 7Frimley E
 vacantno result - no resultTennis J
 Ash J5 - 5Farnham Co B
 Cody F1 - 9Bentley B
 Cody D10 - 0Cody E
 Fleet CC C3 - 7Ash H
24Ash H6 - 4Cody F
 Bentley B9 - 1Ash J
 Farnham Co Bno result - no resultvacant
 Tennis J8 - 2Ash K
 Frimley E7 - 3Cody D
 Cody E4 - 6Fleet CC C
25Ash K4 - 6Farnham Co B
 vacantno result - no resultBentley B
 Ash J3 - 7Ash H
 Cody E2 - 8Frimley E
 Cody D8 - 2Tennis J
 Fleet CC C4 - 6Cody F
26no result - no result
27Cody F6 - 4Ash J
 Ash Hno result - no resultvacant
 Bentley B9 - 1Ash K
 Farnham Co B3 - 7Cody D
 Tennis J5 - 5Cody E
 Frimley E9 - 1Fleet CC C
28Ash K7 - 3Ash H
 vacantno result - no resultCody F
 Frimley E5 - 5Tennis J
 Cody E4 - 6Farnham Co B
 Cody D7 - 3Bentley B
 Fleet CC C4 - 6Ash J
29Ash Jno result - no resultvacant
 Cody F5 - 5Ash K
 Ash H1 - 9Cody D
 Bentley B6 - 4Cody E
 Farnham Co B6 - 4Frimley E
 Tennis J7 - 3Fleet CC C
30Ash K4 - 6Ash J
 Tennis J5 - 5Farnham Co B
 Frimley E3 - 7Bentley B
 Cody E6 - 4Ash H
 Cody D10 - 0Cody F
 Fleet CC Cno result - no resultvacant
31vacantno result - no resultAsh K
 Ash J0 - 10Cody D
 Cody F3 - 7Cody E
 Ash H3 - 7Frimley E
 Bentley B9 - 1Tennis J
 Farnham Co B6 - 4Fleet CC C
32no result - no result