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Fri, 16/05/2008 - 00:41 -- jpsnelson
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League Tables for Season 013/014

Division 3

1Broadmoor B222101168
2Broadmoor C221831160
3F Tennis E221507126
4F Tennis G221246121
5Ash E221039118
6F Tennis F22859106
7Frimley E22741195
8Ash G22711492
9Crawley Ridge A22541387
10Frimley D22641286
11Ash F22341584
12Cody D22321777

WeekHome TeamResultAway Team
1Broadmoor C10 - 0Crawley Ridge A
 F Tennis E7 - 3Frimley D
 Cody D4 - 6Ash G
 Frimley E1 - 9F Tennis F
 Ash E4 - 6F Tennis G
 Broadmoor B8 - 2Ash F
2Ash F4 - 6Ash E
 F Tennis G10 - 0Frimley E
 F Tennis F7 - 3Cody D
 Ash G7 - 3F Tennis E
 Frimley D2 - 8Broadmoor C
 Crawley Ridge A1 - 9Broadmoor B
3Broadmoor C9 - 1Ash G
 F Tennis E7 - 3F Tennis F
 Cody D7 - 3F Tennis G
 Frimley E3 - 7Ash F
 Ash E4 - 6Broadmoor B
 Crawley Ridge A4 - 6Frimley D
4no result - no result
5Ash E6 - 4Crawley Ridge A
 Broadmoor B8 - 2Frimley E
 Ash F6 - 4Cody D
 F Tennis G6 - 4F Tennis E
 F Tennis F5 - 5Broadmoor C
 Ash G7 - 3Frimley D
6Broadmoor C6 - 4F Tennis G
 F Tennis E6 - 4Ash F
 Cody D2 - 8Broadmoor B
 Frimley E1 - 9Ash E
 Frimley D4 - 6F Tennis F
 Crawley Ridge A6 - 4Ash G
7Frimley E6 - 4Crawley Ridge A
 Ash E7 - 3Cody D
 Broadmoor B7 - 3F Tennis E
 Ash F2 - 8Broadmoor C
 F Tennis G5 - 5Frimley D
 F Tennis F7 - 3Ash G
8Broadmoor C8 - 2Broadmoor B
 F Tennis E6 - 4Ash E
 Cody D2 - 8Frimley E
 Ash G4 - 6F Tennis G
 Frimley D7 - 3Ash F
 Crawley Ridge A5 - 5F Tennis F
9no result - no result
10Cody D4 - 6Crawley Ridge A
 Frimley E4 - 6F Tennis E
 Ash E3 - 7Broadmoor C
 Broadmoor B9 - 1Frimley D
 Ash F5 - 5Ash G
 F Tennis G6 - 4F Tennis F
11Broadmoor C5 - 5Frimley E
 F Tennis E8 - 2Cody D
 F Tennis F9 - 1Ash F
 Ash G3 - 7Broadmoor B
 Frimley D2 - 8Ash E
 Crawley Ridge A3 - 7F Tennis G
12no result - no result
13F Tennis E8 - 2Crawley Ridge A
 Cody D3 - 7Broadmoor C
 Frimley E6 - 4Frimley D
 Ash E7 - 3Ash G
 Broadmoor B7 - 3F Tennis F
 Ash F3 - 7F Tennis G
14Broadmoor C8 - 2F Tennis E
 F Tennis G3 - 7Broadmoor B
 F Tennis F5 - 5Ash E
 Ash G8 - 2Frimley E
 Frimley D7 - 3Cody D
 Crawley Ridge A5 - 5Ash F
15no result - no result
16no result - no result
17no result - no result
18no result - no result
19Ash F3 - 7Broadmoor B
 F Tennis G6 - 4Ash E
 F Tennis F6 - 4Frimley E
 Ash G6 - 4Cody D
 Frimley D2 - 8F Tennis E
 Crawley Ridge A3 - 7Broadmoor C
20Broadmoor C10 - 0Frimley D
 F Tennis E8 - 2Ash G
 Cody D5 - 5F Tennis F
 Frimley E3 - 7F Tennis G
 Ash E7 - 3Ash F
 Broadmoor B8 - 2Crawley Ridge A
21Broadmoor B9 - 1Ash E
 Ash F5 - 5Frimley E
 F Tennis G5 - 5Cody D
 F Tennis F2 - 8F Tennis E
 Ash G3 - 7Broadmoor C
 Frimley D3 - 7Crawley Ridge A
22no result - no result
23Broadmoor C6 - 4F Tennis F
 F Tennis E7 - 3F Tennis G
 Cody D6 - 4Ash F
 Frimley E4 - 6Broadmoor B
 Frimley D6 - 4Ash G
 Crawley Ridge A2 - 8Ash E
24Ash E5 - 5Frimley E
 Broadmoor B8 - 2Cody D
 Ash F3 - 7F Tennis E
 F Tennis G5 - 5Broadmoor C
 F Tennis F8 - 2Frimley D
 Ash G2 - 8Crawley Ridge A
25Broadmoor C7 - 3Ash F
 F Tennis E1 - 9Broadmoor B
 Cody D2 - 8Ash E
 Ash G6 - 4F Tennis F
 Frimley D5 - 5F Tennis G
 Crawley Ridge A1 - 9Frimley E
26no result - no result
27Frimley E7 - 3Cody D
 Ash E3 - 7F Tennis E
 Broadmoor B6 - 4Broadmoor C
 Ash F3 - 7Frimley D
 F Tennis G8 - 2Ash G
 F Tennis F5 - 5Crawley Ridge A
28Broadmoor C7 - 3Ash E
 F Tennis E2 - 8Frimley E
 F Tennis F1 - 9F Tennis G
 Ash G4 - 6Ash F
 Frimley D0 - 10Broadmoor B
 Crawley Ridge A3 - 7Cody D
29Cody D3 - 7F Tennis E
 Frimley E0 - 10Broadmoor C
 Ash E5 - 5Frimley D
 Broadmoor B9 - 1Ash G
 Ash F4 - 6F Tennis F
 F Tennis G2 - 8Crawley Ridge A
30Broadmoor C10 - 0Cody D
 F Tennis G7 - 3Ash F
 F Tennis F1 - 9Broadmoor B
 Ash G8 - 2Ash E
 Frimley D5 - 5Frimley E
 Crawley Ridge A3 - 7F Tennis E
31F Tennis E4 - 6Broadmoor C
 Cody D3 - 7Frimley D
 Frimley E7 - 3Ash G
 Ash E9 - 1F Tennis F
 Broadmoor B9 - 1F Tennis G
 Ash F5 - 5Crawley Ridge A
32no result - no result