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Sat, 25/10/2014 - 00:24 -- jpsnelson
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Averages for Season 018/019

Division 4

Doubles averages

1Crawley Ridge D161888.89
2Braybrooke B131776.47
3F Tennis J131872.22
4Frimley F121866.67
5F Tennis K111861.11
6Cody C71838.89
7Fleet C71838.89
8Ash G41723.53
9Ash F31816.67
10Cody D31816.67

Singles averages

Qualification currently set at 7 or more games played

1Alan BurkeyBraybrooke B313296.88
2Eric WongCrawley Ridge D474995.92
3Yeuk WanCrawley Ridge D394195.12
4Alan YeungFleet C333984.62
5Charles RhodesFrimley F344182.93
6Roger WestallBraybrooke B91181.82
7David MarchantCrawley Ridge D425280.77
8Graham ThomasAsh F405080.00
9Paul JarvisF Tennis J121580.00
10Michael WolfeF Tennis J7977.78
11Bob MurrellAsh G182475.00
12Kenny DuarteBraybrooke B324374.42
13Sandra JacksonBraybrooke B324472.73
14Alistair SutherlandFrimley F253571.43
15John davisF Tennis J101566.67
16Andrei CherciuF Tennis J5862.50
17Ian BrownF Tennis J274461.36
18Dave HewittCody C274658.70
19Spike HaganCody C152657.69
20Joe SparkesF Tennis K213756.76
21Roger whichelowF Tennis J5955.56
22Sheila PrettyAsh G173351.52
23John AspreyCody C214151.22
24John pageF Tennis J255149.02
25Malcolm CoddBraybrooke B4944.44
26Derek LeeCrawley Ridge D61442.86
27Keith JohnsonF Tennis K112740.74
28Ken LewingtonF Tennis K113036.67
29Graham DoreyF Tennis K154533.33
30Janet GuessAsh G92733.33
31Brian LunnAsh F154731.91
32Vic KingCody D113630.56
33Roy ChittendenFleet C165429.63
34Maureen BromleyFrimley F103528.57
35Norrie ShortCody D103627.78
36Derek EastCody C104025.00
37Nigel WillshireCody D72924.14
38Ray MearsAsh G62722.22
39Serena FarrellyFrimley F2922.22
40Steve ChapmanFrimley F73321.21
41John AllanFleet C105119.61
42John HutchinsonAsh G1244.17
43John BeaglyCody D1293.45
44Brian McPhersonAsh F1531.89
45Ron FairbairnCody D0260.00


1Paul JarvisF Tennis K33100.00
2Mick RumboldBraybrooke B33100.00
3Dave ConnellyBraybrooke B22100.00
4Roger WhichelowF Tennis K5683.33
5Andrew HookFleet C4666.67
6Michael WolfeF Tennis K2366.67
7Ian BrownF Tennis K2366.67
8Graham DoreyF Tennis J2366.67
9James MaxwellFleet C2366.67
10Dave BrownAsh G3650.00
11John DavisF Tennis K3650.00
12Dave BrownAsh F1333.33
13Len GrahamBraybrooke B1333.33
14Norrie ShortCody C1333.33
15Keith JohnsonF Tennis J1333.33
16Geoff GoodrichFrimley F060.00
17Sheila PrettyAsh F030.00
18Ken LewingtonF Tennis J030.00