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Sat, 25/10/2014 - 00:24 -- jpsnelson
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Averages for Season 018/019

Division 1

Doubles averages

1Central A131776.47
2Bentley A121770.59
3Central B111861.11
4F Tennis A101855.56
5Frimley A101855.56
6F Tennis B91752.94
7Fleet A91850.00
8Ash A71838.89
9Frimley B51729.41
10Ash B21811.11

Singles averages

Qualification currently set at 7 or more games played

1Phil SnelsonCentral A2929100.00
2Graham DiplockBentley A111291.67
3Paul BakerCentral A434889.58
4Julie LawrenceCentral A303683.33
5Andy ApplebyCentral B344280.95
6Ben FeredayAsh B7977.78
7Martin TownshendCentral B344477.27
8Paul ShakespeareF Tennis A395275.00
9Michael KwanF Tennis A344673.91
10Dave HalfpennyAsh A253473.53
11Andrew BawdenBentley A192673.08
12Micky LangBentley A294269.05
13Eliot TilleyF Tennis B263966.67
14Trevor SpraggsCentral B132065.00
15Nigel CareAsh A5862.50
16Peter MillardCentral A203360.61
17Fallon ThompsonFleet A244158.54
18Paul MyersF Tennis B142458.33
19Crispian KnightBentley A285154.90
20Nigel OhFrimley A213953.85
21Keith FalconerFrimley B173253.13
22Paul MyersF Tennis A4850.00
23Dave PhelpsAsh A214447.73
24Clive WelsmanFrimley B173647.22
25David JoyceFleet A245147.06
26Ramesh BhallaCentral B153542.86
27Andy CleggAsh B41040.00
28David MackinnonFrimley A3837.50
29Hudson FoleyAsh B113135.48
30Dave GilhamAsh A123633.33
31Peter FarrellyFrimley A113333.33
32Daniel KoenigsbergerAsh B72133.33
33Paul RumbleAsh B3933.33
34Dave JarvisF Tennis A123831.58
35Nick LynchAsh B144531.11
36Ce GuoFrimley A93030.00
37Lawrence DackFleet A134429.55
38James WyncollAsh B82828.57
39Tim NgyouFrimley A93625.00
40Simon TurnerF Tennis B94520.00
41George EarleF Tennis B42516.00
42David MacKinnonFrimley B42714.81
43John EadeFrimley B64513.33
44John WheelerFrimley A1911.11
45Stan BurtonAsh A0260.00
46Melvyn LovegroveFleet A090.00


1Scott AyersCentral B66100.00
2Sarah HorsnellFrimley B22100.00
3Andy ApplebyCentral A2366.67
4Peter MillardCentral B3650.00
5Peter BoneF Tennis A2633.33
6John GrantCentral B1333.33
7Clive WelsmanFrimley A1333.33
8Paul CreamerAsh A1333.33
9Ramesh BhallaCentral A1333.33
10Graham RichardsFrimley B030.00
11Pu ZhangF Tennis B030.00
12Robin StreetBentley A030.00
13Mirko DansoF Tennis B020.00
14Peter BoneF Tennis B020.00