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Sat, 25/10/2014 - 00:24 -- jpsnelson
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Averages for Season 016/017

Division 2

Doubles averages

1Fleet A151883.33
2Old Woking121866.67
3Ash C111764.71
4Bentley B111861.11
5Frimley C101758.82
6Braybrooke A91850.00
7F Tennis E81844.44
8Cody B61833.33
9Cody A41822.22
10Frimley B31816.67

Singles averages

Qualification currently set at 7 or more games played

1Vijay BhaskarOld Woking272993.10
2David JoyceFleet A454991.84
3Fallon ThompsonFleet A283190.32
4Peter FarrellyFrimley C384584.44
5Bill MatlockOld Woking202676.92
6Steve CheekOld Woking293876.32
7Kin ChanCody B162176.19
8Robin StreetBentley B364875.00
9Robert HawesBraybrooke A111573.33
10Nigel TustinAsh C304173.17
11Andy GriffithsFrimley C152171.43
12Lawrence DackFleet A375271.15
13Frank WinnardAsh C365170.59
14Peter AnthonyCody A314667.39
15Dave StenningCody A6966.67
16Frank RobertsOld Woking142360.87
17Paul FarrantBentley B315457.41
18Keith RussellCody A274856.25
19Dave StenningCody B254555.56
20Tony GabrielBraybrooke A101855.56
21Melvyn LovegroveFleet A101855.56
22Duncan SibbickCody B275152.94
23George CarderF Tennis E122352.17
24Vasco CorreiaFrimley B112445.83
25David MacKinnonFrimley B194245.24
26Phil HalesBentley B4944.44
27Pu ZhangF Tennis E163941.03
28Gordon AplinOld Woking164040.00
29Darren BrownF Tennis E194839.58
30Eric NorthBentley B113036.67
31John EadeFrimley C164833.33
32Andy MurdockF Tennis E154533.33
33Karim LawjiAsh C113333.33
34Derek SeagerFrimley C103033.33
35Hilary GreigFrimley B92733.33
36Mark ArmstrongBraybrooke A144829.17
37Chris CarterAsh C72429.17
38Phil RussellCody A145226.92
39Brian GreenbergFrimley B62920.69
40Fan LeiCody B31520.00
41Dean HewittCody B21216.67
42Quang LeFrimley B53912.82
43Gordon TravissBentley B1214.76
44Dick DeaconBraybrooke A2513.92
45Roger WestallBraybrooke A0150.00


1Quang LeFrimley C2366.67
2Peter KillickF Tennis E3650.00
3Paul MasseyCody B2633.33
4Brian GreenbergFrimley C1333.33
5John BruntonBraybrooke A1616.67
6Kenny DuarteBraybrooke A060.00
7John UphamFleet A030.00
8Sandra JacksonBraybrooke A030.00
9Bob FennerCody B030.00