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Sat, 25/10/2014 - 00:24 -- jpsnelson
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Averages for Season 014/015

Division 3

Doubles averages

1F Tennis E172085.00
2Cody C152075.00
3Ash E142070.00
4Frimley D142070.00
5F Tennis F102050.00
6F Tennis G102050.00
7Frimley C92045.00
8Cody D62030.00
9Crawley Ridge A62030.00
10Ash F52025.00
11F Tennis H42020.00

Singles averages

Qualification currently set at 7 or more games played

1Nick GreenCrawley Ridge A141593.33
2George CarderF Tennis F161888.89
3Vasco CorreiaFrimley D465288.46
4Hilary GreigFrimley D273187.10
5Peter KillickF Tennis E445186.27
6Graham MarshallF Tennis E313979.49
7Les KnightAsh E384879.17
8Graham McCulleyF Tennis F445678.57
9Andy MurdockF Tennis E446073.33
10Jock DochertyCody C243372.73
11Quang LeFrimley D314372.09
12John HarveyCody C284266.67
13Gary NicholsonFrimley C274165.85
14Anthony ConnellyFrimley C233565.71
15Terry FrenchAsh E365763.16
16David ThomasCody C233958.97
17Peter ErlichFrimley C71258.33
18Dave BentallAsh E244257.14
19Ken ThompsonCrawley Ridge A346056.67
20Paul jarvisF Tennis G274856.25
21Graham McCulleyF Tennis E5955.56
22Sheila PrettyAsh F5955.56
23Bob FennerCody D5955.56
24Martin EvansF Tennis H285352.83
25Bob BrownF Tennis G203951.28
26Jo BartlettAsh F265150.98
27Kim PhillipsCody D255446.30
28Brian GreenbergFrimley D153345.45
29Geoff GreenCrawley Ridge A194245.24
30Roy PikeF Tennis F4944.44
31Russell GibbsCrawley Ridge A235442.59
32Michael ClarkeFrimley D51241.67
33Dave BrownAsh F235641.07
34Stuart StoneCody C71838.89
35Ron waleF Tennis F174736.17
36Alan RichardsCody D195733.33
37Ray EasonF Tennis G185433.33
38Barry BaxterFrimley C113630.56
39John PageF Tennis H134429.55
40Tony HarrisonFrimley C114126.83
41Ray EasonF Tennis F2825.00
42Ian BrownF Tennis F52123.81
43Nigel RobertsCody D104522.22
44Bruce McphersonCody C73321.21
45Margaret ThorntonAsh E52420.83
46Tom GordonAsh F94520.00
47Roger McCulleyF Tennis G31816.67
48Graham DoreyF Tennis H43212.50
49Keith JohnsonF Tennis H22010.00
50John DavisF Tennis H1273.70
51Vic KingCody D0120.00
52Rajeev RaiAsh F090.00


1Bob BrownF Tennis E66100.00
2Quang LeFrimley C33100.00
3Paul JarvisF Tennis F4666.67
4Michael ClarkeFrimley C2366.67
5Hilary GreigFrimley C2366.67
6Dean HewittCody C2366.67
7Vasco CorreiaFrimley C2366.67
8Martin EvansF Tennis F2366.67
9Paul JarvisF Tennis E3650.00
10Alan RichardsCody C2633.33
11Corin MooreCrawley Ridge A2633.33
12Bob MurrellAsh F1333.33
13Roger McCulleyF Tennis E1333.33
14Ron WaleF Tennis E1333.33
15Janet GuessAsh F1333.33
16John pageF Tennis G1333.33
17Bob BrownF Tennis F1333.33
18Brian LunnAsh F1333.33
19Martin EvansF Tennis E1333.33
20Roy pikeF Tennis G1616.67
21Graham DoreyF Tennis G060.00
22Denys SmithersCrawley Ridge A030.00
23Graham DoreyF Tennis F030.00
24kim PhillipsCody C030.00
25Martin EvansF Tennis G030.00
26John PageF Tennis F030.00
27Norrie ShortCody D030.00
28John HutchinsonAsh E030.00