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Sat, 25/10/2014 - 00:24 -- jpsnelson
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Averages for Season 014/015

Division 1

Doubles averages

1Bentley A192095.00
2F Tennis A162080.00
3Central A142070.00
5Ash A102050.00
6F Tennis B92045.00
7Central B72035.00
8F Tennis C72035.00
9Fleet CC A61833.33
10Cody A41822.22
11Ash B32015.00

Singles averages

Qualification currently set at 7 or more games played

1Andy MudieBentley A555796.49
2Phil SnelsonCentral A505492.59
3Ross SaxbyAsh A242692.31
4Shaun RobertsonChalloner222491.67
5Sean PickinCody A171989.47
6Paul MyersF Tennis A8988.89
7Rod KayF Tennis A445383.02
8Mark HandcockCentral B121580.00
9Richard SeymourAsh A152075.00
10Robin PrettyCentral B172470.83
11Nick MillsAsh B243568.57
12Peter MillardCentral A345166.67
13Dennis PerrettCentral A203066.67
14Maria HilsdonChalloner111764.71
15Graham DiplockF Tennis C274264.29
16Paul MyersF Tennis B253964.10
17Martin TownshendAsh A315062.00
18Micky LangBentley A355761.40
19Mark Batt-RawdenCentral A91560.00
20Dave HalfpennyAsh B264656.52
21Steve FrenchBentley A325756.14
22Eliot TilleyF Tennis A295255.77
23Scott AyersAsh A5955.56
24Martyn CookF Tennis C5955.56
25Dave PhelpsCentral B326053.33
26Trevor SpraggsChalloner112152.38
27Martin RozarioChalloner203951.28
28Ramesh BhallaCentral B91850.00
29Rob GladstoneF Tennis A4850.00
30Sally CimiottiChalloner91947.37
31Kin ChanCody A51145.45
32Crispian KnightChalloner143145.16
33Paul ShakespeareF Tennis B214744.68
34Andy ApplebyFleet CC A184242.86
35Simon TurnerF Tennis B205040.00
36Kevin BownF Tennis A143540.00
37Rob GladstoneF Tennis C236038.33
38Paul MasseyCentral B184837.50
39Steve CollinsChalloner61735.29
40Nigel CareAsh B72035.00
41Dave GilhamAsh B123534.29
42Shaun NewboldF Tennis C82433.33
43Ramesh BhallaCentral A3933.33
44John GrantAsh A3933.33
45Peter AnthonyCody A134926.53
46Colin BaggottF Tennis C83622.22
47Dario CeredaCody A2922.22
48Paul RumbleFleet CC A73520.00
49Hudson FoleyAsh A74814.58
50Chris CarterFleet CC A54112.20
51Keith RussellCody A65012.00
52George EarleF Tennis B1911.11
53Jeremy FoxFleet CC A43810.53
54Peter FiskAsh B1128.33
55Stan BurtonAsh B0140.00


1Tim GoodshipCentral A33100.00
2Dave PhelpsCentral A33100.00
3Mark HandcockCentral A5683.33
4Jiaxi LiangF Tennis C5683.33
5Michael KwanF Tennis B4666.67
6Graham DiplockF Tennis B4666.67
7Graham DiplockF Tennis A2366.67
8Martyn CookF Tennis B2366.67
9Anthony JohnsonChalloner2366.67
10Jiaxi LiangF Tennis A2366.67
11Sameer PathakAsh A3650.00
12Simon TurnerF Tennis A1250.00
13Rob GladstoneF Tennis B2633.33
14Alan GessAsh A1333.33
15Dave JarvisF Tennis B1333.33
16Jackie RiceCentral B1333.33
17Colin BaggottF Tennis A1333.33
18Ian SaxbyAsh A060.00
19Graham BarsonF Tennis A060.00
20Paul MissionCody A060.00
21Dave StenningCody A060.00
22Phil Russell JnrCody A060.00
23Colin BaggottF Tennis B030.00
24David JoyceFleet CC A030.00
25Jiaxi LiangF Tennis B020.00