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Sat, 25/10/2014 - 00:24 -- jpsnelson
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Averages for Season 019/020

Division 2

Doubles averages

1Bentley B131586.67
2Cody A101283.33
3Frimley B81361.54
4C Ridge A81457.14
5F Tennis E81457.14
6Ash F71353.85
7Ash E51435.71
8F Tennis D51435.71
9Frimley C21315.38
10Frimley D21414.29

Singles averages

Qualification currently set at 7 or more games played

1Robert ParkesAsh F283093.33
2kin ChanCody A333691.67
3Robin StreetBentley B374386.05
4Tim NgyouFrimley B162080.00
5Kieran DanielFrimley D141877.78
6Duncan SibbickAsh E314273.81
7David MacKinnonFrimley B223073.33
8Vasco CorreiaFrimley C243372.73
9Vincent QuiambaoC Ridge A212972.41
10Frank WinnardAsh F192770.37
11Dennis SmithC Ridge A172568.00
12Andy BarnardF Tennis E284266.67
13John EadeFrimley B182962.07
14John WheelerFrimley B91560.00
15Phil GarrettC Ridge A183158.06
16Paul FarrantBentley B264557.78
17Paul MissionAsh E223956.41
18Dave StenningAsh E213953.85
19Peter AnthonyCody A183650.00
20Ramesh VasudevamurthyFrimley B102147.62
21Hilary GreigFrimley C51241.67
22Charles BurtonF Tennis D112740.74
23Mehrdad AbutalebiF Tennis D133240.63
24Amy ParkesAsh F123040.00
25Ted CornellFrimley D153938.46
26Eric NorthBentley B174537.78
27Anthony ConnellyFrimley C92437.50
28Ben LangFrimley D92437.50
29David ThomasCody A102737.04
30Dave SkellernC Ridge A51435.71
31Peter KillickF Tennis E113333.33
32Gary NicholsonFrimley C72133.33
33Graham McCulleyF Tennis E62722.22
34Peter ButlerF Tennis E42119.05
35Jo BartlettAsh F42416.67
36Brian GreenbergFrimley C42714.81
37Martin EvansF Tennis D43212.50
38Dave HewittF Tennis D32611.54
39Yuriy ShulzhenkoC Ridge A1911.11
40Gary SmithFrimley D1214.76
41Steve LawlorFrimley D0240.00


1Eric WongC Ridge A66100.00
2Peter KillickF Tennis D4666.67
3Fan LeiCody A3650.00
4Yeuk WanC Ridge A3650.00
5George CarderF Tennis E1333.33
6Frank WinnardAsh E1333.33
7Bruce McPhersonCody A030.00