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Sun, 01/06/2008 - 23:31 -- jpsnelson
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Aldershot T.T. Results for Ash B 2013/14

Week No.Home  Away
1Ash Bno resultno resultvacant
2F Tennis B55Ash B
3Ash B28Challoner
5Ash A64Ash B
6Ash B46Central B
7Bentley A91Ash B
8Ash B73Frimley A
10F Tennis A55Ash B
11Ash B64Old Woking
13Ash B28Broadmoor A
14Central A91Ash B
19vacantno resultno resultAsh B
20Ash B46F Tennis B
21Challoner91Ash B
23Ash B19Ash A
24Central B55Ash B
25Ash B19Bentley A
27Frimley A73Ash B
28Ash B55F Tennis A
29Old Woking28Ash B
30Broadmoor A100Ash B
31Ash B55Central A