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Individual Scorecard

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Tue, 17/09/2013 - 23:46 -- jpsnelson

Scorecard for : F Tennis B v F Tennis A

Submitted: 2013-12-18 23:33:49 by George Earle

AGeorge EarleXRod Kay
BPaul MyersYKevin Bown
CPaul ShakespeareZNeil Print
A v X12-2-7-2 01
B v Y74-119 10
C v Z576  10
B v X9-7-5-9 01
A v Z-12797 10
Dbles-78108 10
C v Y-4-4-10  01
B v Z11-109-8810
C v X-568-6-701
A v Y799  10

George Earle23Rod Kay33
Paul Myers23Kevin Bown13
Paul Shakespeare13Neil Print03

Doubles played by: George & Paul M v Rod & Kevin A good, hard fought match with some close games + some cheeky Christmas beers! (thanks Kevin)