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Individual Scorecard

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Tue, 17/09/2013 - 23:46 -- jpsnelson

Scorecard for : Central B v Frimley A

Submitted: 2011-10-11 14:25:02 by timboid

ARobin PrettyXNigel Oh
BDave PhelpsYHillary Greig
CJackie RiceZTim Ngyou
A v X-6491 10
B v Y422  10
C v Z7-4-3-4 01
B v X4-1089 10
A v Z10-575 10
C v Y466  10
B v Z61-116 10
C v X-10-8-6  01
A v Y695  10

Robin Pretty33Nigel Oh13
Dave Phelps33Hillary Greig03
Jackie Rice13Tim Ngyou13

Doubles played by: Robin (A) & Dave (B) vs Nigel (X) & Tim (Z) . Central were on-form and not missing much. Good effort from Hillary, playing up for the A team, who had some cracking rallies.