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Individual Scorecard

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Tue, 17/09/2013 - 23:46 -- jpsnelson

Scorecard for : Central B v Fleet A

Submitted: 2017-11-28 09:18:18 by MartinTownshend

AAndy ApplebyXDavid Joyce
BRobin PrettyYLawrence Dack
CMartin TownshendZAbsent
A v X765  10
B v Y6-9-115710
C v ZWOH    10
B v X-1185-12-501
A v ZWOH    10
Dbles11104  10
C v Y477  10
B v ZWOH    10
C v X8-96-9710
A v Y-108109 10

Andy Appleby22David Joyce13
Robin Pretty12Lawrence Dack03
Martin Townshend22Absent00

Doubles played by: Robin&Martin vs David&Lawrence An enjoyable evening in which several matches could have ended the other way.