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Individual Scorecard

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Tue, 17/09/2013 - 23:46 -- jpsnelson

Scorecard for : Bentley A v F Tennis B

Submitted: 2017-11-23 17:18:55 by micky lang

AMicky LangXDave Jarvis
BGraham DiplockYPaul Shakespeare
CTrevor SpraggsZDave Hewitt
A v X5-9-9-7 01
B v Y59-3-10-801
C v Z7711  10
B v X797  10
A v Z409  10
Dbles4-268 10
C v Y9-8-8-9 01
B v Z2106  10
C v X9126  10
A v Y8-858 10

Micky Lang23Dave Jarvis 13
Graham Diplock23Paul Shakespeare23
Trevor Spraggs23Dave Hewitt03

Doubles played a and b versus y and z