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Individual Scorecard

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Tue, 17/09/2013 - 23:46 -- jpsnelson

Scorecard for : Bentley A v Frimley A

Submitted: 2010-11-07 00:00:00 by timboid

AAndy MudieXRobert Hawes
BCrispian KnightYNigel Oh
CSteve FrenchZTim Ngyou
A v X142  10
B v Y733  10
C v Z66-6-9610
B v X998  10
A v Z297  10
Dbles689  10
C v Y768  10
B v Z-9528 10
C v X8106  10
A v Y485  10

Andy Mudie33Robert Hawes03
Crispian Knight33Nigel Oh03
Steve French33Tim Ngyou03

Doubles played by: Andy Mudie & Crispian Knight (AB) vs Robert Hawes & Tim Ngyou (XZ) Note to Dave Brown: My copy of the scorecard looks to have been filled in a bit wrong in places, so I've corrected as far as my memory serves. The games were played out of sequence because I arrived late. Might be best to wait for the official scorecard, but the end result is correct (unfortunately!) Bentley were in no mood to hang around tonight, thrashing visitors Frimley A convincingly 10-0. Andy Mudie was in unstoppable form, consistently hitting winners from a couple of paces behind the base line, and Bentley's other left-hander, Steve French, showed little mercy in putting away balls that strayed just a little too high over the net. Crispian, with his blend of stabbing push shots and penetrating killer loop-drives, was also in great form. Tim only just missed out in stopping the clean-sweep in a gritty five-setter against Steve French. Leftie to leftie, things got a bit tentative but Steve took the chances and came out on top in the end. A disappointing evening for Frimley that saw Bentley storm up the leaderboard.