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Individual Scorecard

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Tue, 17/09/2013 - 23:46 -- jpsnelson

Scorecard for : F Tennis H v Cody D

Submitted: 2015-03-18 11:10:20 by pierrefondes

AJohn PageXKim Phillips
BMartin EvansYAlan Richards
CGraham DoreyZNigel Roberts
A v X-779-9-401
B v Y-34-108610
C v Z-1-3-6  01
B v X-3-5105-701
A v Z13-4-78-601
C v Y109-611 10
B v Z777  10
C v X-9-7-9  01
A v Y8138  10

John Page13Kim Phillips33
Martin Evans23Alan Richards03
Graham Dorey13Nigel Roberts23

Doubles played by:A&b v x&y Well done Cody & unlucky tennis losing 4 out of 5 five setters. Can Cody stay up!!! Their fighters.