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Summer League

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Wed, 28/05/2008 - 14:23 -- jpsnelson

Combined Aldershot/Guildford Summer League 2008

Subject to sufficient interest I will be running the Summer League again this year.

Start Date w/c 30th June
Duration 6 weeks
Required Entry Information Club name and venue.
Home night and whether teams need to play on alternate home nights.
Team Captain and full contact details (email/work tel/home tel/mobile).
Full list of players - you do not need to specify which team a player is in as there is total freedom of movement between teams (and clubs!)
Format By way of a change to the usual 9 singles/1 doubles format we will use the County match format which is 6 singles/2 doubles. Basically this means that the No2's don't play each other at singles and everybody has to play doubles - the same pairing cannot play both doubles matches. It will be the usual 4 game format that's used for Winter league handicap cup matches. A sample scoresheet will be issued nearer the time.
Handicaps the latest Aldershot handicaps will be used and I will make the necessary adjustments/comparisons if a player plays both leagues or only Guildford. If you are registering a player from outside the two leagues you will need to provide me with as much info about the player as possible.
Results & Tables will be published on League websites (courtesy of Phil Snelson) but there is no relegation/promotion and no trophies are presented at the end of the season.
Closing Date WEDNESDAY 18th JUNE

For 'Guildford only' players it would be useful if you could let me know what division they played in.

Please note I have an operation scheduled for 5th June and I'm unlikely to be back at work until 16th June. If you ring me at home during this period it might take me longer than usual to make it to the phone. If the answerphone kicks in just leave a message. I think that's about it for now. If you've got any questions please get in touch. Best regards Alan Gess Best regards Alan Gess

To receive my contact details please send a mail via the link below

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