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AGM Notification

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Sun, 29/03/2009 - 14:56 -- jpsnelson



 Notice is hereby given that the AGM of the League will be on Thursday May 21st 2009 at Ash Victoria Hall commencing at 7.45pm. Clubs are reminded that non-attendance will incur a fine. 

Any rule amendments need to be received by Dave Brown at 22 York Road, Aldershot, GU11 3JP by April 30th

After this date any proposed rule amendments and the paperwork for the meeting will be distributed.



 Can I ask all secretaries to help with the return of trophies from last season. As a reminder the following were won

  • Div 1 League – Central B
  • Div 1 Cup – Central A
  • Div 2 League – Cody A
  • Div 2 Cup – Tennis B
  • Div 3 League – Broadmoor
  • Div 3 Cup – Bourne A (already received)
  • Div 4 League – Cody D
  • Div 4 Cup – Cody E
  • Handicap Cup – Frimley B
  • Bob Taylor Cup – Division One
  • Vera Hutchinson Trophy – Dave Brown (already received)