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Racket Coverings

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Fri, 21/11/2008 - 14:29 -- jpsnelson
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In Local League matches, a player may use any type of racket covering that complies with the ETTA Approved Laws of Table Tennis in respect of thickness, colour etc. In open tournaments and certain national competitions, such as British League and County Championships, the racket covering must be of a make and type that is currently included in the ITTF list of Authorised Racket Coverings; this list in published on the ITTF and ETTA websites.
Racket coverings may not be attached to blades using any adhesive that contains a volatile organic solvent, and tests are carried out at selected ETTA events using the Enez equipment. A player whose racket is found to contain such a solvent must immediately replace it with another which is acceptable or risk disciplinary action, including possible disqualification. Since 1 September 2008 it is illegal to treat the racket covering with any preparation that changes its characteristics, such as a "booster" or "tuner".
Colin Clemett
Chairman, ETTA Rules Committee