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Week 1

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Fri, 20/09/2019 - 19:25 -- jpsnelson
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Submitted by Dave Brown on Sun, 22/09/2019 - 23:21

Last season’s champions, Central  started their campaign with an emphatic 9-1 victory over Fleet A.  Phil Snelson and Paul Baker each recorded trios whilst Peter Millard supported with a duo. Ash A beat Ash B 6-4 but the star of the evening was the B team’s Dave Halfpenny who was unbeaten. All the A team trio, Martin Townshend, Robin Pretty and Ramesh Bhalla won twice. Ash C beat two man Frimley A 7-3. Paul Creamer was unbeaten for Ash with Ce Guo winning a couple for Frimley.

There was a very tight match in the Second Division between Crawley Ridge A and Tennis E which finished as a draw. No player was unbeaten with braces for Vincent Quiambao and Dennis Smith for Crawley Ridge and Andy Barnard and Graham McCulley for Tennis. Ash E whitewashed Tennis D thanks to the efforts of Dave Stenning, Duncan Sibbick and Paul Mission. Cody A started with an 8-2 victory over Frimley D. Kin Chan was undefeated with Peter Anthony and David Thomas supporting with braces both losing to Frimley’s newcomer, Ben Lang. Bentley B beat Frimley C 7-3 with Robin Street securing a maximum for Bentley with Eric North supporting with a brace. Vasco Correira won a couple for Frimley.

I expect the Third Division to be as fiercely contested as normal and the first batch of results support that. Tennis G eased past Frimley E 6-4 with all players winning and losing. There were doubles for Alan Richards and Stuart Middlemiss for Tennis and Frimley’s Peter Glass. Braybrooke B and Cody B shared the points with Braybrroke’s Gabriel Alliaoe winning the two games he played  which was unfortunate as the unplayed match was against Jock Docherty who had won his two games. All other players won a single match. Crawley Ridge B beat two person Ash G 9-1. Mark Stephenson and Eric Wong were both undefeated for Crawley Ridge.

The difference in standard between the top and bottom of the Fourth Division is likely to be as marked as last season. Both the relegated sides chalked up some impressive wins. Crawley Ridge D beat Tennis J 8-2 with Ken Thompson undefeated and Derek Lee and Russell Gibbs supporting with braces. Both, however, lost to newcomer Kyle Kepa. Fleet B beat Cody D 9-1 thanks to maximums from Andrew Blunden and Rob Brook and a double from James Maxwell. Ash J beat their H team 8-2 with Sheila Pretty chalking up a maximum and Bob Murrell and Ray Mears chipping in with pairs both losing to the H team’s Dave Brown.