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Annual General Meeting

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Fri, 05/04/2019 - 13:13 -- Dave Brown

In our haste to finish the meeting last night the re-election of the Additional Members of the committee was overlooked. If any of the current listed people wish to withdraw then please let me know. Additionally if there are any players who would like to join the committee again let me know.

Sara Sutcliffe spoke about TTE and efforts to increase participation. She was very complimentary about the work that Derek put it to this end and he, in turn, praised the efforts of Colin Baggott at Farnborough Tennis Club.

Just a few headline points from the meeting

The order of play was adjusted but it was agreed to keep the current scorecards and then re-print for 2020-21.

I wish to relinquish the Team Handicap Secretary role if someone is interested.

Trevor Spraggs will be Match Secretary next season.

It is proposed to start next season on September 16th (this subject to negotiation with Guildford)

Apologies for the faux-pas.

Dave Brown