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Thu, 15/08/2013 - 23:12 -- jpsnelson
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League Tables for Season 2019/20

December 14, 2019, 2:08 pm - inclusive of any unofficial results.

PosTeam PW DL Pts   Pos TeamP WDL Pts
First DivisionSecond Division
1F Tennis A970267  1Frimley B851252
2Central971166  2Cody A852149
3Frimley A960355  3Bentley B861148
4Ash A980154  4Ash F851247
5Bentley A851251  5Ash E833247
6Ash C951346  6C Ridge A843146
7Fleet A930636  7F Tennis E813435
8F Tennis B820632  8F Tennis D912628
9F Tennis C911726  9Frimley C701626
10Ash B802625  10Frimley D811622
11Ash D910822  
Third DivisionFourth Division
1Braybrooke A770059  1Fleet B761053
2C Ridge C760152  2C Ridge D750250
3C Ridge B860249  3Cody C750242
4F Tennis F731333  4Fleet C621337
5F Tennis G720532  5Ash J741236
6Braybrooke B812530  6F Tennis J831435
7Cody B722328  7Frimley F820627
8F Tennis H621325  8F Tennis K611417
9Ash G700712  9Cody D601513