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Thu, 15/08/2013 - 23:12 -- jpsnelson
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League Tables for Season 2019/20

February 27, 2020, 3:33 pm - inclusive of any unofficial results.

PosTeam PW DL Pts   Pos TeamP WDL Pts
First DivisionSecond Division
1Central151212113  1Frimley B1383285
2Bentley A14111299  2Bentley B1391379
3F Tennis A1290386  3Ash E1363476
4Frimley A1490585  4C Ridge A1374275
5Ash A13101276  5Cody A1182167
6Ash C1462665  6Ash F1171364
7Fleet A1341855  7F Tennis E1224650
8F Tennis B14401053  8Frimley C12021047
9Ash B14131050  9F Tennis D1322940
10F Tennis C13211037  10Frimley D13121037
11Ash D14201231  
Third DivisionFourth Division
1C Ridge C1291282  1Fleet B1192083
2Braybrooke A1090178  2Cody C1190273
3C Ridge B1180367  3C Ridge D1061368
4F Tennis F1153356  4Fleet C1133561
5F Tennis H1243554  5F Tennis J1351755
6Cody B1133546  6Ash J1051452
7F Tennis G1022645  7F Tennis K1151549
8Braybrooke B1022641  8Frimley F1120935
9Ash G11001121  9Cody D1001914