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Thu, 15/08/2013 - 23:12 -- jpsnelson

League Tables for Season 18/019

April 19, 2019, 7:02 am - inclusive of any unofficial results.

PosTeam PW DL Pts   Pos TeamP WDL Pts
First DivisionSecond Division
1Central A171700139  1F Tennis C191612139
2Central B181323120  2Ash D181521121
3F Tennis A181134107  3Cody A191315114
4Bentley A1472583  4Bentley B191216106
5Fleet A1746777  5Ash C20721199
6F Tennis B1753975  6Crawley Ridge A19811090
7Ash A1735971  7F Tennis D1872989
8Ash B17341062  8Cody X20621282
9Frimley A17431060  9Frimley C19531178
10Frimley B16301346  10Braybrooke A18421270
 11F Tennis E17111542
Third DivisionFourth Division
1F Tennis F171520125  1Crawley Ridge D181701156
2Frimley E181053107  2Braybrooke B171421133
3F Tennis H18111695  3F Tennis J181233109
4Frimley D1767491  4Frimley F1882893
5Ash E1874790  5F Tennis K1884684
6Cody B18310590  6Cody C1774678
7Crawley Ridge C1854986  7Fleet C1854972
8F Tennis G1782784  8Ash F18331263
9Crawley Ridge B18221461  9Ash G17301458
10Fleet B17131351  10Cody D17001734