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Thu, 15/08/2013 - 23:12 -- jpsnelson

League Tables for Season 17/018

April 20, 2018, 12:47 pm - inclusive of any unofficial results.

PosTeam PW DL Pts   Pos TeamP WDL Pts
First DivisionSecond Division
1Central A171520139  1Ash C18945105
2Bentley A181512133  2Frimley B17953102
3F Tennis A171034103  3Cody A1892793
4Central B1690794  4Cody B1791792
5F Tennis B1753980  5Old Woking14101388
6Ash A1764779  6Bentley B1692588
7Frimley A18711073  7Braybrooke A1782781
8Fleet A1872970  8Frimley C18441081
9Ash B17221351  9F Tennis D17321263
10F Tennis C15001528  10F Tennis E18311457
Third DivisionFourth Division
1F Tennis G181710133  1Crawley Ridge C201811160
2Crawley Ridge B181512124  2Frimley F201721143
3Cody D1791791  3Braybrooke B191225116
4Ash D1782786  4F Tennis H20938107
5Ash E1664680  5Fleet C2083992
6Cody C1661977  6Frimley E1890991
7F Tennis F18511275  7Cody E1964990
8Frimley D1655673  8F Tennis J20821084
9Crawley Ridge A1542956  9Ash G18331267
10Fleet B17001745  10Ash F19401564
 11Cody F19121646