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Divisional Make Up for 2012/13

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Thu, 26/07/2012 - 23:52 -- jpsnelson

Teams have been allocated to the following divisions for the season 2012/13 - fixture grid will be released when finalized with the Guildford structure.

Division 1   Division 2
Ash A & B   Ash C
Bentley A   Fleet CC A
Central A & B Frimley B
Tennis A & B   Cody B & C
Broadmoor A Tennis C,D & E
Challenor   Old Woking
Frimley A   Bentley B
Cody A   Broadmoor B
Division 3   Division 4
Ash D,E,F & G Ash H,J ,K & L
Fleet CC B   Fleet CC C & D
Crawley Ridge A Crawley Ridge B
Frimley C,D & E Frimley F
Tennis F,G & H Cody D,E & F