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Thu, 15/08/2013 - 23:12 -- jpsnelson

League Tables for Season 18/019

December 17, 2018, 6:53 pm - inclusive of any unofficial results.

PosTeam PW DL Pts   Pos TeamP WDL Pts
First DivisionSecond Division
1Central A880067  1F Tennis C980166
2F Tennis A962158  2Ash D971158
3Central B861154  3Ash C950452
4Bentley A740344  4Cody A951350
5F Tennis B841342  5Bentley B950445
6Ash A814336  6F Tennis D941445
7Fleet A812528  7Frimley C931540
8Ash B611420  8Crawley Ridge A840439
9Frimley A711519  9Braybrooke A931539
10Frimley B700712  10Cody X921636
 11F Tennis E900920
Third DivisionFourth Division
1F Tennis F871058  1Crawley Ridge D880068
2Frimley D935147  2Braybrooke B870162
3Ash E842245  3F Tennis J861156
4Cody B824241  4Cody C943248
5Frimley E832340  5F Tennis K841337
6Crawley Ridge C821539  6Frimley F721433
7F Tennis H840436  7Fleet C722329
8F Tennis G632133  8Ash F820625
9Crawley Ridge B820630  9Ash G810725
10Fleet B701621  10Cody D900917